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"No Mas Pantalones"

This is a post from an old Blog

Most of us have seen the insurance commercial regarding the 2 insurance agents that say liar liar pants on fire… it cracks me up. What does this have to do with the price of fuel in China? Nothing. I like the commercial.

God puts people in our lives for a reason and we may never know fully why. As new pastor I recently started to wonder why? Our spouses, co-worker, Neighbors, Friends, Enemies, etc.

Knowing that I may not ever figure it out I just gave up wondering…LOL…As many of the kids from church have started to say, “GOD’s GOT THIS”…and not that I am doubting any of of the people in my life, but it is interesting how lives begin to intertwine and you get to see God at work. sometimes slower than quicker…. NO MAS PANTALONES!!!!

This Sunday I was teaching the kids at church about praying for our enemies. It was so neat to see, yet heavy on my heart to hear the kids share who or what bothered them. We talked about how it is easier to want to get back at these type of people or wish them harm. It is a quick feel good, but not what Jesus wants us to do. I told them that Jesus

wants us to pray blessings on our enemies or people that bug us. The kids went wild saying no way, that's too hard, that’s crazy! They of course are being honest and real. It is amazing how as adults we forget to be real. We ended up preying for our enemies and I also felt that they should know if they are the ones being the bully or the mean kid that we could pray for that as well. I could see some kids really thinking about. A bit draining but well worth it.. God is good!

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