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"Total Drama Island"

This is a post form a old Blog

There was a show on one of the kids networks that my daughter and I used to watch. it was like a Survivor, but with kids and it was animated. We loved watching it together.

After spending the day with family at birthday/shower for my sister, I went home to get ready for a quick trip to Dallas. Winding down for evening and BAAM...DRAMA!

My daughter was acting a bit out of sorts and I had to get to the bottom of it. The things running through my head , were things a father of a daughter could process in such a short period of time. Of course it goes to the really out of this world type of things..

Anyway, I determined what was going on, not the huge deal I was making up in my little old head, but it was for my baby. After things calmed down, I was able to talk to her. I was doing all the talking and she listened silently. I was able to share with her that, she has heard me talking to the kids at church that we are always going to make mistakes and we either learn from them or continue to make them. I was able to share that a mistake or bad choice,, is meant to learn from and use it to become a better person. We can not dwell on the past and need to focus on the future.. If we keep bringing up our mistakes we can never move forward and grow… as I was talking to her and sharing how much she has to be thankful for and to. look forward to, the tears ran down my face uncontrollably, as I am while writing this. Similar to the women on those Spanish soap operas that can cry on the spot!!! LOL I know I know, I am a SAP..

Ok back on track. I told her she is responsible for her choices and decisions, and that NOONE can take who she is, away from her, Only she can. She did not say a word, except for “don’t put anything on the sofa I just cleaned it”. I feel she heard me, without saying anything else.

This morning on my way to the airport I processed the evening event and again the tears poured out as if I was trying to gather water for the up coming drought.

I got to thinking that

God wants to have those types of conversations with us. Quiet time!

The problem is as teens and adults we don’t sit still and give Him a chance to speak to us. He has so much He wants to tell us but we are so busy, with this and that and stressing about this and that. Asking God for help and yet nothing seems to change. If we take the time to just be still and Listen.. WOW, the things that He would tell us with a soft caring tone. Some of it would be awesome ,and some of it would be that tough love kind of talk that fathers have to have with their girls and the boys that want to date them…LOL

As I sit here typing this on the plane telling people I have allergies, I realize this is one of those moments as a father that I will never forget. My baby is growing up. She is a teenager, they say these are the tough years.

I am so proud of her. I love the fact we are able to have those “weird moments” … God wants to have these weird moments with Him..

Let Him Speak, Listen, Listen some more. He is so proud of us and loves us unconditionally why would we not want to listen?

I love being a father!!!!

I can only imagine how He feels for us!!!

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